Boards & Commissions

Agenda Postings

Agendas are posted at 3 locations:
  • Town Hall-2735 S. Highway 69, in Front of Suite 11
  • Chevron Station Market at Main Street, Humboldt and Highway 69
  • Blue Hills Market (Texaco Station), at Kachina Place and Highway 69

Opportunity for Area Residents to be Involved

While there are no current vacancies on our committees, when seats become available they will be posted on this page.


  • Board of Adjustment and Appeals.  The Town of Dewey-Humboldt is required by state law to establish a Board of Adjustment with various powers and duties.  Primary responsibility is to hear and decide on zoning or variance appeals.


Committees that have been formed so far include:
  • Environmental Issues Advisory Committee: Provides for the identification, assessment and monitoring of environmental/public health issues of concern to the Town.
  • Clean Town Committee: Provides volunteer services to the Town and its citizens in developing programs that address issues of accumulated trash, code enforcement and related concerns.
  • Groundwater Resource Advisory Committee: Provides for the collection of data, information and studies that will assist the Town in being a positive influence in the preservation of its citizens rights to access groundwater and other appropriate water resources.
  • Open Space and Trails (OSAT) Committee
  • Ad Hoc Committees
  • Volunteer of the Year Selection Committee

Apply for a Council, Board or Commission position