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Humboldt Smelter

Dewey-Humboldt is located in the high desert of Northern Arizona and is 85 miles north of Phoenix and 12 miles east of Prescott. At an elevation of 4,800 feet, Town residents enjoy a mild 4-season climate which includes an occasional snowfall during the winter months. Our Town offices are located on State Route 69 and Main Street.

The Town of Dewey-Humboldt was incorporated effective December 20, 2004, after a successful drive for incorporation that began several years earlier. Voters passed the initiative creating the Town with 72% voting in favor. The initiative defined the actual Town limits and the name - Dewey-Humboldt.

Dewey and Humboldt represented two distinct communities during the last 100 + years with Dewey providing an agricultural and ranching economy while the Humboldt area had an economy based in mining.

As the Town of Prescott Valley continued to grow since its founding in the mid 1960s, the people within the Dewey and Humboldt areas became concerned that Prescott Valley's growth and annexation strategy might continue along Highway 69 and could ultimately jeopardize the very low density, rural flavor of the area. In response, many people became involved in 'spearheading' the drive for incorporation. During this process, it also became clear to some that incorporation would allow a new town to have more control over how tax dollars are spent within the town than would be the case if it remained unincorporated.

Town Council
 The Yavapai County Board of Supervisors appointed the Town's first Council and the first Council election was held on September 13, 2005. The new Council members were seated in November as all seven successful candidates met the '50% + 1 vote' requirement for being elected in the Primary election.

The Council is committed to maintaining the rural flavor of the area (residential lot sizes are typically greater than 1/2 acre with most areas 1.6 acres or greater). The Town motto is "Arizona's Country Town."

2010 Census Population 2020 Census Population
               3,894     4,326
Average Temperature (°F)
High Temperature (°F)
Low Temperature (°F)
Precipitation (inches)
January 40 52 27 1.7
February 42
55 30 1.9
March 46 59 33 1.9
April 53 67 38 0.8
May 61 76 46 0.6
June 71 87 55 0.4
July 76 90 61 2.5
August 74 88 60 3.0
September 68 82 54 2.0
October 58 72 43 1.3
November 47 60 33 1.3
December 40 53 27 1.3